Friends don’t let friends voter shame when there is ranked-choice voting

Maine voters this year will be able to use ranked-choice voting for both the presidential election and the contest for one of Maine’s seats in the U.S. Senate. Photo credit goes to David Sharp/Associated Press

The week before Election Day more often than not is a blur in my memory. Several events from over the decade or so that I’ve been involved in politics remain stuck in my mind. One such event occurred during the waning days of the 2014 midterm election in Portland, Maine. I was working for Independent gubernatorial candidate Eliot Cutler as a field organizer. Badly out-spent, and hammered relentlessly by the state Democrats as a spoiler campaign, we were bleeding supporters and had little hope of winning on Election Day…

Adam Pontius

Grad student at Central European University. Come for the takes on foreign policy and America politics, stay for the asides about hockey, travel and cat pics.

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